TypeScript Tutorial: Course Introduction (Chapter 1)

A TypeScript Tutorial for beginners on TypeScript

Course Introduction


If you are a front-end developer and are working with JavaScript, I sure you have heard of TypeScript recently. Now in the busy day life, it is really difficult to spare time and learn something new, especially when you think that your work is not getting impacted, even if you don’t learn this or that. That’s Wrong! You will be impacted by choice today or tomorrow. There is no harm in Beginning with TypeScript today. Keeping you all in mind I am bring this beginners TypeScript Tutorial on the table.

Why should you use TypeScript?

TypeScript is still the right choice for a good amount of reasons. It is the first of its kind Object Oriented Language for the front-end web application development. TypeScript is evolved from JavaScript, and much more powerful than that. It requires to be compiled into JavaScript to be usable by most of the world.

TypeScript is developed and maintained by Microsoft. It helps you to create big and complex JavaScript applications in such a way that the number of runtime bugs and error are handled well in advance. JavaScript is not type safe means a variable in JavaScript can be a string at one place and a number or Boolean at other. Whereas, TypeScript overcomes that weakness by introducing the typing to the platform. This drastically reduces the run time errors introduced because of incorrect data types. There are so many more reasons, which we will see with the span of the course. Then you can decide that you should use TypeScript of not.

Have you decided yet?

Well, as you have decided, I guess you are here, reading this post means that you have decided to learn TypeScript. There are so many courses available out there spread on the internet telling you this or that. But, here in this course, I am going to cover a few quick things about TypeScript, so that you can feel, you have at least started with TypeScript. Truly speaking, you will be pulled to by your conscious and will look for the opportunities to use TypeScript in your next project. So, why wait … Let’s give a push to your Beginning with TypeScript.

TypeScript Tutorial Index

I have decided this tutorial in multiple posts, each focusing on a single aspect of TypeScript. Here is a list of topics which will be covered during this course.

  1. Setting up TypeScript IDE
  2. Types in TypeScript
  3. Functions and Parameters
  4. Interfaces
  5. Classes
  6. Inheritance
  7. Modules
  8. Using Typings
  9. Real-world Usage and Practices

In case you are reading this post and you are not able to see any links on the above list, that means, you are right on time. Go ahead and get on-boarded by subscribe to this blog, so that you can get notified as and when the new chapter is published. I will try to complete the course and make you up and running as soon as possible.

Once you have completed this course you will be able to deep dive in the waters of TypeScript. Course will be making you contextually strong and help you navigate through the rest of your journey in there.

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Best of Luck and Happy Learning … cheers!

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  1. Yes, i am looking forward to learn typescript. How long your are planning to complete this course duration.
    Waiting for next blog in this 🙂

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