Best Code Editor 2017 for TypeScript

Recently, I have started working on a TypeScript Quick Start Tutorial, where I have mentioned and used Atom Editor as my favorite editor. But, that created a curiosity and forced me to go for a public poll from the developers all around the world. You will not believe what’s the output of that. We are going to see the best code editor 2017 for typescript development here during this post.

A discussion on the public poll results


I have been busy in creating a short tutorial for people who are moving towards TypeScript language. Whatever reason they might have to go for this new language, the idea was to get them quick start on this language. I have used Atom as my favorite code editor during the course and asked the readers to let me know if they have any thing else as their favorite. But, I was not patient enough to wait for their feedback on it, so went ahead and created a public poll.

The Best Code Editor 2017

With the majority (around 1/3rd) of votes Visual Studio Code is the winner. There were three other contestants in the poll,  powerful Sublime Text (around 1/4th votes), furious Atom Editor (around 1/5th votes) and adorable Adobe Brackets (around 1/20th votes).

Remember: It is not about VSCode vs Sublime vs Atom vs Brackets vs Everything else. It is just about how many developers likes which one.

There was a wild card entries for EMACS and VIM as a popular choice which kind of stole 1/10th portion of the votes from the poll. For me, since a long time Atom Editor is a favorite text editor. No! I am still not moving completely to VSCode. Many of my projects has to wait to get the taste of the new editor. There are a few small code projects however, which can immediately be opened in VS Code.

THE Visual Studio Code

The main focus was to pick an editor which is best suitable for TypeScript development and Visual Studio Code has that as its native resident. It has nice intellisense built in task management, support for (not so many and ever growing) extensions, built in support for git, a debugger. There might be many other features, which I am not aware as of now (remember? … it was not my editor till now!!)

Sublime Text

As the runner up contestant Sublime stood with the second most popular choice for the developers. Subline as I remember was the first thing I used as a text editor when I got frustrated with the windows Notepad. However, I quickly jumped away from that as it was paid editor for the commercial environment and I didn’t want do build a taste for it. I use Notepad2 as a notepad replacement for the simple text editor. Though Notepad2 supports a minimal syntax highlighting, it can’t take a place for a code editor (My expectations are little higher for the Code Editor).

Sublime works on the dictionary based intellisense, nice text editing features, light weight, min-maps, multiple cursor support etc. Since, I have not used it as a code editor, I will not be able to give a list of more features on it.

Atom Editor

Even Atom is my daily driver, I will not bug you all with hosts of features of this code editor. I will only say that consider this editor as the base for anything and everything you wish it to be. There are add-on for almost every functionality you may think of. You can really make this editor yours with support of themes (I am using material theme and a host of add-ons). I will suggest you to go and explore the features yourself and give it a try.

Between the Crowd

I don’t want to hurt anyones feeling here as there are many contenders and are really good too. But, how many have favorited them, that is still a secret. During the poll, there were a few names popped up like VIM and EMACS and a noise for their variants and capabilities. You can go to the poll and watch the progress and comments yourself.

At the end its you who has to make a decision on what hits your liking and how much that editor is useful to you. For me, as said earlier, I am going to make a slow transition to the VS Code. I will leave you here with a best of luck for finding your dream editor and a poll result.

Have a nice day and Happy Coding!

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