How To: Install PHP on IIS in Windows 8 Easily

Install PHP on IIS in Windows 8

There are many people, who come to me asking, is there any simple way of installing PHP on my PC with Windows and IIS. The answer is, Yes.

Thanks to Microsoft for providing a great tool named Web Platform Installer. This tool is capable of setting up your machine for different tested and tried configuration. It can install many applications & packages. I always used this tool prepare the servers and development environment. However it has only one lack of feature, “Offline Installations”. I am still happy as most of the time when I am configuring the environments, the Internet is available and this tool can quickly download the latest one over the Internet. I have prepared a short video for the same.

Watch the video here
description: This video shows how to install PHP on windows 8 with IIS using Microsoft Web Platform Installer. This method can be used to to install php on Windows 7 also. You can download the latest Web Platform Installer from :
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by: MindzGroupTech
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Here are the steps:

  1. Download and Install Microsoft Web Platform Installer from here.
  2. Execute the installed application.
  3. Click on Options link at the bottom of the window to show up the Options page:
  4. In the Options page at the bottom, select IIS in place of IIS Express and click OK.
  5. Search PHP in the search box provided at the top right corner of the main screen and select the version of PHP from the list and click on Add button.
  6. Install button will be enabled now so click on it and continue for the installation.
  7. Once the installation is done, this tool will show the installation results for you to verify the components installed.
  8. Now you ready to start the application development with PHP on windows and IIS.

You can also use the traditional and complex method of installing PHP on IIS in Windows. There are many methods available over the internet, but in case you are interested in the simplest and easiest ways to install, subscribe to the YouTube channel (MindzGroupTech) and keep watching.

How To: Create USB Installation Stick for Windows 7 64bit and 32bit

Create USB Installation Stick for Windows 7 64bit and 32bit

When you are playing a role of IT engineer, who has to install many windows OS every day. You may get tired of with the traditional way of installation the OS from DVD. Well in that case you can use a USB stick to install the OS from.

You just need an empty USB stick and the source ISO image for the windows operating system. To create a USB installation stick you need to download windows USB / DVD download tool from Microsoft and follow the below guide.

Watch the video here
description: This video shows how we can create a USB installation stick, which is capable of installing the windows 7 Professional and Ultimate edition for 64bit and 32bit platform from a single source. Useful links: Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool GImageX Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit ISO Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit ISO
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by: MindzGroupTech
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Follow the steps on next page …

How To: Dual Boot Windows 7 along with Windows 8 from VHD

Dual Boot Windows 7 along with Windows 8 from VHD

Sometime back when windows 8 was introduced and made available to public, I was at Windows 7 on my laptop and wanted eagerly to install the same. but unfortunately I was having a complete environment setup over there which was hard to wash and rebuild on that eager to see the new operating system on my machine. So, I decided to have my PC dual boot. But there is never the less hurdles in front of a doer. The other problem was to have a spare partition and make it available for installing the windows 8. Finally, the problem was solved by an angle named VHD (Virtual Hard Disk).

I assume there many people who still think that a VHD file requires a virtualisation software on you machine to execute from, but no you can have that file hosted with your physical machine and make it act like a Hard Disk Drive encapsulating all of its data from the rest of the drive containing this file. Once you have a VHD file, you can use that as a volume to install the windows also and the same I did here. To help people understand and see visually i have prepared a video on the same.

Watch the Video here
description: This video is targeted to show how to install a Windows 8 OS along with the existing Windows 7 OS using the VHD as the target drive for the new OS to Dual Boot from.
duration: 00:07:43
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by: MindzGroupTech
source: YouTube
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I want this guide to be helpful to all of you who are also stuck up with the same kind of situation. You can use the guide to seamlessly dual boot the OS without disturbing the existing environment and do your testing before moving ahead.